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Mind of Christ

Nothing is created by its own power; neither does it exist nor is it sustained by itself. Everything in the universe, from the smallest particle or atom to the largest stellar star is dependent upon God’s laws, God’s purpose and God’s provision. Nothing exists by itself. Our being like-minded with Christ Jesus is God’s primary [...]

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The Holy Spirit

To many the Holy Spirit is a mystery. Indeed he is! The Scripture sheds limited light on his work. He is portrayed in a variety of roles; creator, mighty wind, breath, a cloud, a burning bush, the Word or simply – the Spirit or spirit. When compared to the Biblical activities and purpose of Jesus, [...]

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God or god

Did you ever have to make a choice that determined the course of your life – take this young woman or man for your mate; choose to become an accountant or a fireman? Of course you did! Choice began with your most ancient ancestors, Eve and Adam. The Creator God gave them the prime choice [...]

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Of course, breathing is our most vital, natural function. We all like to breathe! As a youth I helped rescue two women from drowning in the Pacific Ocean and another from the Columbia River. It amazed me how fiercely they struggled when breathing became difficult and they thought they would drown. Years later while aboard [...]

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How Full is Full?

As Christians you and I are “full” spiritually to the point of abundance. “God’s fullness” stretches and expands us. It brings us new revelation and spiritual insight. We can contain only so much of “God’s fullness” before we have an overflow of his fullness to be given to others. What is the “fullness of God?” [...]

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Blood Covenant

God’s first covenant with mankind was given by him in Genesis 2:16-17, where he commanded man, “eat of any tree in the garden, but of the tree of good and evil…if you eat of it you shall surely die!” Man broke this covenant. What is a covenant? A covenant is a binding agreement of something [...]

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The Name

Unlike today Old Testament parents would give names to their children that reflected the child’s physical appearance, ease or difficulty of birth, their desired relationship with God or their hope for the child’s nature. Adam – red earth – Gen. 2:7 Eve – life – Gen. 2:18 Gad – good fortune – Gen. 30:10 Gareb [...]

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Quips, Quotes and Considerations

Light Catchers God designed us to be light catchers, Ephesians 5:8. Everything that flows by His Holy Spirit is Light. His divine illuminations, His power and energy has a divine purpose in us. We are to stand in this stream or flow of divine moments and reach inward to its source, the Holy Spirit, catch [...]

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The Applicable Word

Jesus said, “…Man…shall live on [by] every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4. Think of that! We should…we must live by his Word. To do so will propel us into the heavenlies or would immerse us into spiritual realms of joy and satisfaction. Regrettably few of us are there yet. [...]

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Dartmouth, Yale and Harvard, elitist colleges on the East coast of America, are constantly vying with each other in various competitive events. Recently my granddaughter, who attends Dartmouth, excelled in an annual towing event by beating Yale in sculling (rowing). She is the coxswain (captain), the stroke who sets the rhythm for the rowers or [...]

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