Dear Friends,

This morning I read Paul’s words to the Corinthian church, “…You are God’s field, God’s building.” These two metaphors for the church stood out to me as I have reflected on the last 6 months as we have transitioned into some news things in our church.

First of all, as God’s building I am thankful that James and Rachel have laid a good FOUNDATION, which is Jesus Christ. They have often reminded us to keep it “simple”. We are called to be disciples and make disciples as we live out our lives in authentic connection to God each day of the week. Structures, programs and events can be helpful, but we MUST be relentless to keep Christ central in our lives, in our home, our work, and on the streets… 

Secondly, as God’s field, I am absolutely convinced that God wants us corporately and individually to be FRUITFUL. When we think of the word “fruitful” it may seem very intangible in terms of our lives and the life of the church. But it is more tangible than we may realise. This fruitfulness can often be seen in numbers of people gathering in a local church, but more importantly it will be seen in lives changed by the power of God… minds renewed, hearts transformed and people laying down their lives in love for God and in service to others. I don’t know much about horticulture but I think I am safe to say that there are a number of factors required for a field to be exceptionally fruitful. 1) The faithfulness of the farmer. 2) The state of the soil. and 3) The weather. Each of these have something to do with how that field will be fruitful. When all of these things are working together we can be confident to expect growth. Ultimately, it is God who makes us to grow. Our job is to continue to plant seed and soften the soil of our hearts. Then may the rain of the Spirit and Light of God do a miracle that will allow us to bear fruit for His Glory. This is my prayer.

– Noel