Latest Update

(01 November 2016)

Thank you to everyone who has generously given toward the “Classroom Upgrade Project”.

We raised a total of: 

€ 2,213.82

Originally we had planned to divide both of our large upstairs classrooms into four rooms. After a review of the project, discussions with ministry leaders and accounting the final total of donations received we decided that it would be best to use the funds to divide only our largest room, classroom 1 into two rooms.

Any funds left over following the installation of walls, electrical, and doors will be used for classroom storage and children’s ministry suppplies.

Project Description

Classroom Project Upgrade

Currently Life Church in Portlaoise has over 200 people who regularly attend our worship services not including new visitors. About 50% of the regular attenders are children and 50% adults. Our current building is only built to handle 150 people at a time, so we currently run two Sunday worship services every week.

In order to better steward the use of the facilities we currently occupy we felt that it would be beneficial to make an upgrade to our two large classrooms upstairs. These two classrooms upstairs are used for children’s ministry classes for Soaring Eagles (ages 4-7) and Roaring Lions (ages 8-11), Youth Meetings every second Sunday during the second service and for small group gatherings and prayer meetings all taking place on Sunday mornings. This has put a strain on the rooms and is awkward at times when multiple groups desire to use the same room at the same time.

We believe it would be wise to build two internal walls in each large room to create four rooms out of the current two large rooms. The two additional new smaller rooms would then be available for use by the Youth group, study groups, prayer groups, and nursing mothers during the Sunday services. During the week the rooms could be utilized for fellowship, pastoral counselling, conference rooms, study, prayer, etc.

Current Classroom Layout

Future Classroom Layout (mockup)

What will it take to make this project a reality?

We believe this project is achievable. Our goal is to raise € 3,750 in funds for materials by 1st November and secure the volunteer services of eight experienced builders for a few days each in mid to late November.

If 100 people gave € 38 we would reach our financial goal.
If 40 people gave € 94 we would reach our financial goal.


If you would like to GIVE:

  • Mark your gift as “CLASSROOMS PROJECT” and place in offering baskets or the black post box in entryway. [Consider this as a special gift beyond your regular tithes and giving as we still need regular giving to cover our regular expenses (e.g. utilities, mortgage, salaries, etc.)]
  • It is now possible to give online.

If you would like to VOLUNTEER and have experience:

Material Cost Estimates

(Target Date: 1st November)

2 Fire Doors & Frames    € 1100

Framing & Insulation       € 970

Plasterboard                      € 880

Electrical & Heating         € 550

Painting & Finish              € 250


Total:                                  € 3,750

* If we are able to raise funds for this project beyond the material costs we would aim to use excess funds for Life Church Children’s ministry purchase of one laptop, shelving storage units, and teaching supplies.

Experienced Builders Needed

(Target Dates: 13 – 27 November)

  • Wall Framing Assistant – 1 person (We have an experienced carpenter who has volunteered to install the wall framing. His name is Cam Avery and he is from Maine, USA.)
  • Electrician & Assistant – 2 people
  • Plasterboard Installer & Mudders – 2 people
  • Door Framer and Installation – 1 person
  • Painters – 2 people