Jesus knew who He was. He knew He was “the only begotten Son of God.” The term, “only begotten Son,” in the Greek means, “unique, one of a kind.” The term also identifies Jesus as being “One” in essence of nature with God.

In Mt. 5:18, Jesus does not say, “Thus saith the Lord” as the prophets say. Rather He says “I say.” Then He spoke words of God, but He spoke them as if God and He were the same Person. He used the expression nine times in Mt. 5. By doing so, Jesus elevated the authority of His words as being of God.

“In the Name of Jesus,” is not simply a catch phrase. When said in faith, there are no more powerful words, because we are calling upon the full authority of God Himself. “Name” is from the Greek word onomos, which is translated as “the full authority that exists in the person named.”

As believers and followers in Christ Jesus, we actually “take on” His authority and speak all that is intrinsic within that authority; be it healings, deliverances, blessings or salvation. We act upon His behalf. The Holy Spirit within us moves upon our words as if Jesus, Himself, spoke them because they were spoken in authority.

By Gordon Kler