Did you know that deep inside of you is a place, a spiritual abode. This place is not your organs that give you life; ie, heart, liver, stomach. This place is not your human consciousness. In fact nothing that can be identified as your human self; ie, ego, self-consciousness, human love or intellect, is housed there. In fact the only control you have over this place in you is through the Holy Spirit.

This place is dormant, like spring leaves in a tree until touched by the sun – the Holy Spirit. Human consciousness and desires have no effect here. Only the purpose and will of the Holy Spirit, for you, is activated. “I’m not my own, I belong to Jesus…” We can take no credit, attach no personal claim to the elements that flow from this place within us. They are not spiritual essence that originates in us; rather the inspirations come from the Spirit. We are simply the carriers of His revelations through His gifts.

We need only to be in agreement with Him – to be open to the flow of grace, knowledge, insight, and love, as these flow through us by Him.

How do we become a “flow of the Spirit?” Way back to the beginning – new birth! New birth brings phenomenal change in us, from man’s – way to God’s – way. Even more so does “the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,” which amplifies his power in us. Madam Guyon, in her famous book, Union With God, wrote “God wants to infuse our soul with divine activity.”

Foremost among these activities is worship, love, faith and joy. In ourselves, we don’t have the ability or motivation to produce these vital elements of God’s grace. So God does it for us. He changes the natural to the divine. He fills the deep, deep place within with His Spiritual substance and causes them to flow out of us under His power to flourish and touch the world.

Even Jesus said, “I can do nothing of myself.” Our dependency is on the Father, as was Jesus’.

By Gordon Kler